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What’s the difference between handmade and pre-made fans?

What’s the difference between handmade and pre-made fans?

When starting out your lashing career there is one thing that is universal across the board which is the length of application time that is needed to complete a set. In other words, it’s a no brainer that slow and steady is the case for most beginner lash techs. 

But don’t fret! Remember we all start somewhere so the improvements in our skill level gets better every day and that is one of the most rewarding parts about it all. 

However, this is why it is important to perfect the skill of safely isolating and applying the lashes first before taking the next step.  

There are 4 things to consider when choosing which fan option is better for you and your lashing journey: 

  1. Application skill level 
  1. Application time 
  1. Ability to customise sets 
  1. Retention 


Pre-made Fans 

Pre-made fans are a beginner lash techs best friend! It allows you to get comfortable with the movements of lashing clients without stressing about advanced skill techniques I.e., making your own fans. 

They are great for creating a more symmetrical looking lash set as all the fans are pre-made and ready to use. 

Pre-made fans typically come in narrow or wide grip fans. We recommend these XL pre-made fans as they are a perfect mix between narrow and wide grip fans to create a universal lash set, which will save you money as a bonus. 



Handmade Fans 

As you progress in your lashing journey, handmade fans are a perfect way to let your creative flare shine. Handmade fans are created by the lash tech during the appointment and then directly applied to the lashes. 

Some benefits of handmade fans are the retention can be better as there is no pre-deposit of glue on the extensions, which means less weight to start off with.  

Handmade fans are dipped into fresh glue, then directly bonded and wrapped to the natural lash. This for obvious reasons, can be beneficial for maximum retention. 

Handmade fans can take slightly longer, especially in the beginning and each fan can look slightly different. But this isn’t a bad thing, it just means the lash sets look more natural. 

Handmade fans are also a way for lash artists to customise their sets. You can create darker, denser looking sets by easily creating narrow fans, fluffy wispy set by creating wide fans, or even a mix of both on the spot! 

We recommend these ultra dark Russian volume lashes as they are easy to fan and made from Korean PBT fibres, so the feeling is as close to natural lashes without compromising the vegan & cruelty-free component of it. 


Looking to level up your lashing career? 

We will be offering 1:1 and online lash training coming to you very soon. Register your interest here.

Bianca Morony
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